Langenburg Evangelical Fellowship

Lifting Up Christ, Transformed by His Love; Serving Others

Langenburg Evangelical Fellowship - a small church in southern Saskatchewan which promotes authentic worship of God, is Christ-centered, and holds the Bible as being divinely inspired and authoritative.

FELLOWSHIP POTLUCK MEALs                          

On the first Sunday of the month we usually will have a potluck dinner where people are invited to bring whatever they like (casseroles, breads, salads, veggies, dessert, etc.), and then a brunch  on the third Sunday. Everyone is welcome to stay and join us for these fellowship meals.

August 6: Fellowship Potluck Meal

August 20: Fellowship Pancake Brunch

UPcoming Events

*July 24-28: 11 am – noon:  5 Day Club at MacKenzies for children ages 5-13. For five consecutive days, one hour each day, children gather to hear Bible stories, sing songs, learn Bible verses, and listen to a missionary story as the Gospel is clearly presented. If you would be interested in opening up your yard for this opportunity as well, there is an opening this last week in July for 1:00 pm; please contact Julia at  641-4198.

* July 30: 10:30 am:  Brad and Gloria Goetz will be here and Brad will be giving the message.



*July 26: fireside prayer at Peter & Bev Franck's

*Aug 2: fireside prayer at Andy and Deb Kutvonen's cottage

*Aug 9: fireside prayer at Lana Gilliland's

*Aug 16: fireside prayer at Tony and Pat Petracek's

*Aug 23: fireside prayer at Ernest and Irma Mitterhuber's

*Aug 30: fireside prayer at Marlene Desnoyers' (New)



*Ministry opportunities! 

*LEF is currently looking for someone to learn how to take care of the printer; cleaning etc.  If you would like to help in this area, please talk to Brendon or Gary for more details.

*We are also looking for volunteers who have gone through the training for Plan to Protect to be Hall Monitors once a month.  Please talk to Marlene or Lori for more info.

* “Friends of The Rock” - A reminder to anyone who would consider donating to the local Christian radio station who have ventured into the realm of being partly “listener supported.”

*If you know of children within LEF or our community who are wanting to attend a Bible camp and may not have the resources, LEF is willing to pay their fees. Please talk to Pastor Dennis.