Langenburg Evangelical Fellowship

Lifting Up Christ, Transformed by His Love; Serving Others

Langenburg Evangelical Fellowship - a small church in southern Saskatchewan which promotes authentic worship of God, is Christ-centered, and holds the Bible as being divinely inspired and authoritative.

9:45 am - Sunday School for Adults (integrated class for children)
10:45 am - Worship Service, and Sunday School for Ages 2 to 17


LEF Missions

The Langenburg Evangelical Fellowship missions committee is comprised of 6 members: Rosemary Mitterhuber, Kathy Severin, Maxine Galger, Beverley Franck, Sarah Schnee and April Galger. Together, we are responsible for choosing the ministries that LEF commits to support yearly.

We strive to familiarize our congregation with the faces of these ministries by reading their updates and praying for them during services, and at weekly small group meetings.  On occasion, we are blessed to have them visit our church and share with us the work they are doing.   

 At LEF we consider it both a privilege and a responsibility to support the work of missionaries, both local and abroad. Our committee is excited to introduce you to these worthy causes.


Wycliffe, Bruce and Raewyn Weibe

Wycliffe website

Bruce's highlights center around his work analyzing and developing alphabets for unwritten languages of Nigeria and Cameroon, which is a crucial first step before Bible translation can begin in those languages.  Raewyn's highlights arise from her role as 'family-keeper' while Bruce is on trips to Africa, and will also reflect her soon-to-be new role as writer/editor for Wycliffe Canada.


YWAM, El Paso Jaurez

YWAM website

Youth With A Mission is an international movement of Christian from many denominations dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world.  Coming from different backgrounds and working in a wide range of situations, our passion is to know God and to make Him known.  The YWAM base of Ranchos Los Amigos is where a group from our church served on a short mission trip in 2008.


Brad and Gloria Goetz

Canadian Revival Fellowship website

Brad and Gloria live in Fort Quappelle, SK and are involved with First Nations Ministry. Their mission has been linked with the Canadian Revival Fellowship who recently amalgamated under the umbrella organization The Compass Church.



Phone: 306-757-1371

Options Pregnancy Center is a comfortable, safe place for those with unplanned pregnancies to make an informed decision, whether they are choosing abortion, adoption, or parenting. They are a non-profit, faith-based, charitable organization, whose purpose is to support families during an unplanned pregnancy, post-abortion grief, or birth-parent grief. Their aim is to provide clients with up-to-date, accurate information so they can make well-informed choices about their pregnancy.

Abortion services are not provided, but they do offer:
-Free pregnancy tests
-Information you can trust, to make an informed decision
-Ongoing support and counseling
-Private and confidential Post-Abortive support
-Birth Parent Advocacy, and Birth Parent support

All services are strictly confidential and free of charge. The staff have been trained in crisis intervention, and have a deep commitment to each individual client's needs.