Langenburg Evangelical Fellowship

Lifting Up Christ, Transformed by His Love; Serving Others

Langenburg Evangelical Fellowship - a small church in southern Saskatchewan which promotes authentic worship of God, is Christ-centered, and holds the Bible as being divinely inspired and authoritative.

9:45 am - Sunday School for Adults (integrated class for children)
10:45 am - Worship Service, and Sunday School for Ages 2 to 17

Please prayerfully consider if you could help us out in one of the following areas.

Printer Repair.jpg

*LEF is currently looking for someone to learn how to take care of the printer; cleaning etc.  If you would like to help in this area, please talk to Brendon or Gary for more info.


*Looking for more volunteers to help with projection and sound for Sunday Services.  If you have a good ear for music, and/or have knowledge (or would like to learn) about computers and presentation software, please speak to Gary.


*We are also looking for volunteers who have gone through the training for The LEF Safety Program to be Hall Monitors once a month.  Please talk to Lori for more info.


*Looking for volunteers to organize meals in case of a death in the family or in case of illness etc...  Also maybe special anniversaries or birthdays that should/could be celebrated at LEF.  Please talk to Donna or Anita.



If you are interested in being a Greeter or Usher, please contact Darwyn or Pastor Dennis.

Thank you in advance!