Langenburg Evangelical Fellowship

Lifting Up Christ, Transformed by His Love; Serving Others

Langenburg Evangelical Fellowship - a small church in southern Saskatchewan which promotes authentic worship of God, is Christ-centered, and holds the Bible as being divinely inspired and authoritative.

March 19, 2017


Welcome / Announcements

Opening Hymn#331: “Abide in Me”

Call to Worship: Psalm 95: 1-11

Songs for Praise and Worship

Sunday School prayer

Scripture Reading: 1 John 4:7-21

Message:”The Necessary Love of the Christian”

Song of Response



Closing Hymn: “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us”




Wed. 6:30 pm - LEF prayer meeting  

            7:00 pm – Quizzing

              7:30 pm – Experiencing God Study

Thur. 9:00 am - Mom’s Bible study

             7:30 pm – There is no Young Adults Meeting this week!

Sat. 7:00am - Men’s breakfast and study

Sun. 1:00 pm - LEF ANNUAL MEETING.  Please plan to attend and also to pray for this meeting!  Babysitting for this meeting has been arranged to take place in the church.  A soup and sandwich potluck has been arranged as well: 6 people already bringing soup: families whose last names start with A-M please bring sandwiches; N-Z bring desserts.



* Wed. @ 12 noon: Community/Ministerial Lenten service @ United Church - followed by a soup and sandwich lunch.

*March 24/25: Promise Keepers Conference in Regina.  Please talk to Pastor Dennis if you would like to attend.                   

* March 24: Estate Planning Seminar sponsored by Binscarth Community Church.  See poster at the back of the church.

* April 7th: 7:30pm – Richard Fangrad from Creation Ministries International will be speaking on “It’s a Great Time to Be a Christian.” Question and answer time following.


Prayer Team for Today: Neil, Wanda, Dorothy

Prayer Team for Next Sunday:  Cheryl, Reg, Marlene 


Greeters:  Peter, Bev

Coffee Hosts: Jenn

Sunday School helpers:  Nic, Sarah

Fellowship meals:

Mar. 19 – Pancake Fellowship cancelled

Mar. 26-Soup and Sandwiches

Apr. 2: Regular potluck fellowship meal


Reminder: The Prolife organization “Right Now” which exists to nominate and elect prolife politicians in Ottawa is campaigning to have a prolife candidate win the leadership of the Conservative Party.  In order to have a vote on May 22 for the new leader, you must either renew or buy a membership in the party by March 28.  To obtain a membership ($15) for 1 year, phone 1-866-808-8407 or visit  DO IT….have a voice!



Study Notes: 1 John 4:7-21

The Necessary Love of the Christian


*We are to love one another because God is love and because He has shown us His love for each one of us through His Son.

(‘love’ and its derivatives are repeated 27 times in these verses)

1)  Why should we _______ one another? (vs. 7-12)

   a)  Because it is the __________ of a relationship with God.

             *And ____________ whether you truly love your fellow      Christian will help you determine whether you actually ______    God. (Marty C.)

   b)  Because “God is ________.”

   c)  Because God _________ His love for us through His ______.

   d)  Because in loving others His love is made ___________ in us. 

2)  We can know He _________ in us and we in Him. (vs. 13-18)

    *How are we ____________ that God abides in us and we in Him?

            i)  Because He has given us His ________.

            ii) In _____________ that Jesus is the Son of God.

            iii) That we ‘_______ in ________’.

3)  The _____________ to love one another (19-21)


*Audio sermons and manuscripts are available at with a link to this on the LEF sermon page.